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10 Best Toddler Kitchen Sets + Favorite Accessories

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A toddler kitchen set is likely one of the most popular and widely played with toys there is. Kids love pretend kitchen play. There are so many different sets and options available in different styles and different materials (wood vs plastic). I recently spent a lot of time scouring the internet and reviewing all the different options as I just purchased my kids a toy kitchen for Christmas this year. These are my favorite options to help you find the best toddler kitchen set.

I prioritized gender-neutral pretend kitchens that were functional and stylish. Be sure to check out my tips for choosing the best toddler kitchen set for your family below after checking my top picks!

toddler playing with toy kitchen
toddler girl playing toy kitchen

The 10 Best Toddler Kitchen Sets

Best Play Kitchens for Small Spaces

1. Hape Toddler Kitchen Set

Hape toddler kitchen set
  • This Hape cookstove is the most compact option I could find.
  • Easy to store and pack. Perfect if you have no space for a larger kitchen set.
  • Includes one pot with lid, frying pan, spoon, and spatula.
  • Hape uses nontoxic paint on their products.

This makes a great alternative to a kitchen set for anyone with cramped space or that desires a very minimal approach.

2. KidKraft Play & Put Away Play Kitchen

Kidkraft play and put away kitchen set
  • A minimalist, wooden kitchen.
  • Legs fold away for easy storage.
  • Can be played with on the floor or tabletop.
  • Some reviewers commented that this kitchen is wheelchair friendly as they were able to slide their child’s small wheelchair underneath it.
  • Includes pan and spatula.

This kitchen is perfect for a small space or if you would like to move the toy kitchen easily or occasionally. Since the legs do fold away, it can also be put on a table or other area and used that way. Although small it does still have a stove, sink, and small oven, the main components on any toddler kitchen set.

3. Hape Gourmet Kitchen for Pretend Play

Hape Gourmet Kids Kitchen
  • This wooden play kitchen for toddlers features a small footprint at 20.59 x 13.31 x 9.02 inches.
  • Storage above stove for utensils and salt/pepper.
  • Hape sells a matching cabinet style fridge if you want to expand your child’s pretend kitchen set.
  • Hape uses nontoxic water-based paint on their products.
  • If you like this one, but want a larger but similar model your child may prefer this one.

Best Wooden Kitchen Sets for Toddlers

4. Kidkraft Uptown Natural Kitchen

boy playing with the Kidkraft Uptown Natural Kitchen
  • Working knobs on sink and oven.
  • Stove, oven, sink, microwave, dishwasher, fridge, freezer, working knobs, cordless phone, and towel rack.
  • Chalkboard surface on freezer.
  • Storage shelves and hooks.
  • Wooden and features a modern design.
  • This Kidkraft kitchen also comes in black: Kidkraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen so you can choose the color that matches your house best.

5. Melissa & Doug Cook’s Corner Wood Kitchen

Melissa & Dough Cook's Corner Wood Kitchen
  • Wooden corner style kitchen by Melissa & Doug.
  • Features refrigerator, 3 range stove, oven, removable sink, timer, and cutting board area.
  • Dials make a clicking sound and faucet swivels.
  • Some reviewers were disappointed in the quality of this kitchen.

This brightly colored kitchen would be a hit with my son. It even comes with a working timer!

6. Chef’s Cook & Create Island Play Kitchen

Chef's Cook & Create Island Play Kitchen
  • Island-style kitchen features a bench to sit at.
  • The kitchen features plenty of counter space for kids to play and pretend.
  • Sink, oven, stove, refrigerator, microwave, extra counter space, tabletop for dining, and pet nook.
  • Does have a much larger footprint than many other kitchens, but it’s a great option if you have the extra space.

This island kitchen looks like so much fun. I love that it comes with a bench to sit at and has plenty of space for 2 kids to play without feeling cramped. While it does have a large footprint, it doesn’t seem cluttered since it’s just an island and doesn’t have walls.

7. KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen

KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen
  • This kitchen really has it all – sink, stove, oven, fridge, freezer, ice machine, dishwasher, and even a window with curtains.
  • This can be a great play kitchen set for older kids as well as toddlers.
  • Comes in white and espresso.

This corner kitchen definitely takes up more space, but it is full of features and would be perfect if you have a large playroom.

8. IKEA DUKTIG Play Kitchen

If you have an IKEA nearby you can’t go wrong with the wooden IKEA DUKTIG kid’s kitchen. It’s budget-friendly and there are loads of ideas on how to hack this kitchen to make it even cuter and more stylish. I’ve already purchased this one for my kids for Christmas and can’t wait to fix it up! By the way, while you are at IKEA they also have some great kitchen accessories you should check out.

Best Plastic Kid’s Kitchen

9. Step 2 Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

step 2 farmhouse play toddler kitchen
  • The electronic burner features lights and sound.
  • Kids kitchen includes spice jars, ins, pendant light.
  • Features storage in bins and fridge for play food and accessories.
  • This toddler pretend kitchen has a modern farmhouse sink and modern blue colors.

Best Mud Kitchen for Toddlers

Okay, one last thing..have you seen mud kitchens for toddlers? Basically these outdoor pretend kitchens are perfect for crafting those perfect mud pies on hot summer days. As a former mud pie chef, I really wish these existed in the 90s. What better way to involve your kids in pretend play AND get quality time outdoors?

10. Costzon Kids Kitchen Playset for Outdoors

Cotzon Kids Kitchen Playset for Outdoors
  • Features shelves for storage and baking.
  • Sink that can be covered or opened and holds water.
  • Durable build perfect for outdoors and baking mud pies.
  • Some reviewers were disappointed that the faucet doesn’t work as a picture shows. However, it is great for imaginative play (most mud pie kitchens do not have a functioning faucet as you simply fill the blue sink basin with water.)

Best Play Food Sets for Toddlers & Kitchen Accessories

After your little one has a kitchen set, accessories can make great gifts.

Melissa & Doug Stainless Steel Pots & Pans

Melissa & Doug Stainless Steel Pots and Pans

Your kids will need at least some basic pots and pans to cook with in their kitchen set. These Melissa & Doug Pots and Pans get stellar reviews on Amazon. They are very realistic and would pair perfectly with any of the kitchen sets above.

Hape Play Food Vegetable Cutting Set

Hape Play food

This wooden play food set comes with a cutting board, knife, veggie peeler, and grater. It’s a great way to get toddler’s to participate in pretend play whether they have a kitchen set or not.

Hape Wooden Salad Set

Hape Wooden Salad Set

This adorable wooden salad set would make a great gift idea for a kid who already has (and enjoys) kitchen accessories since it is pretty unique.

How Your Kids Benefit from a Pretend Kitchen Set

Pretend play can be very beneficial to young children. A toddler kitchen set is a great way to foster pretend play with cooking and eating both which are very important life skills.

If you have multiple kids in your family, a pretend kitchen set is a great way for them to play together learning teamwork and good communication skills.

4 Things to Look for and Consider in a Toddler Kitchen Set

  1. How much space do you have? The first thing to consider is where you will put your kitchen. Many families choose to keep the kid’s kitchen in the kitchen while others may opt to place it in a playroom, bedroom, or other living space. Once you decide where you’ll keep the toddler play kitchen set you will know how much space you have and can then choose a set with a footprint and size that works well in your space.
  2. Look for high-quality materials. Play kitchens usually get a lot of use by most if not all the kids in a family. Look for one that will last years. I have purchased a wooden kitchen for my own kids (they are getting it for Christmas, so don’t tell them!) However, plastic kitchens can last years too as my childhood kitchen is approximately 30 years old and still being used by grandkids at my parent’s house!
  3. Features & Accessories. What features do you want the kitchen to have and how do you imagine your kids using it? While I find this to be important, I also know that kids can play with kitchen accessories like mixing bowls and pots and pans for hours on end with no kitchen in sight. So make sure you have a great toddler play food set to go along with your kitchen as well as utensils, bowls, and other accessories.
  4. Aesthetics. Does the look of the kitchen matter to you? Chances are if you are storing it in your living room or kitchen you want it to look appealing. With all of the various options available you are sure to find one that matches your decor style.
  5. Budget. Obviously kids kitchen sets come in a variety of prices. Set a budget before you start looking so you don’t end up roping yourself into spending more than you intended.

Toddler Kitchen Set FAQ

What is the best play kitchen for a 2 year old?

The most important factor to consider (in addition to those discussed above) with a young toddler is the height of the kitchen and if your toddler will be able to reach the parts on their own.

How long do kids play with kitchens?

While parents often buy toy kitchens for toddlers, many older kids can enjoy them as well.

Is a play kitchen worth it?

Absolutely! A play kitchen is a great way for your toddler to play alone, with siblings, or even alongside you. Play kitchens foster pretend play and can provide hours of entertainment for many kids. If you aren’t sure if your kids would enjoy a kitchen, you could always invest in a simple pots and pans set first to see if it might be something they enjoy.

How does a play kitchen help a child’s development?

Occupational Therapist, Casey Fish, states that play kitchens foster development by encouraging pretend play and cooperation and enhancing fine motor skills. Practicing meal prep and clean up activities in a play kitchen is also a safe and fun way for children to prepare for doing the real thing as they get older.

Other Toddler Kitchen & Cooking Resources

If you are looking for other ways to involve your kid’s in the kitchen or for other food related gift ideas, be sure to check out these other popular posts:

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I hope your toddler loves their new kitchen! I hope to update this post often so please let me know in the comments which set your little one has and why you love it or if you don’t why you wouldn’t buy it again.

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wooden toy kitchen and text reads "10 best budget friendly toddler kitchen sets"

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