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14 Kitchen Gifts for Toddlers and Babies

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Is there a toddler or baby in your life that you simply don’t know what to buy for? Many kids naturally love being involved in the kitchen from a very young age. These non-toy gifts for toddlers will give you practical kitchen-related gift ideas for the littles in your life. Toys are great, but they pile up fast, and many of these kitchen gifts for toddlers and babies can help you create special moments in the kitchen teaching the little one you love nourishing habits to last them a lifetime.

foodie and ktichen gifts for toddlers - collage include kitchen helper and toddler cups

14 Dietitian Picked Kitchen Gifts for Toddlers

Non-Toy Kitchen Gifts for Toddlers and Babies

1. Toddler Learning Tower or Kitchen Helper Stool

This learning tower/kitchen helper is perfect for my son who is currently 22 months. We bought it about 1-2 months ago and honestly wish I would’ve got it closer to 18 months. It is SO much easier and safer than trying to use a chair, and if I’m in the kitchen he wants to be helping. He could happily spend hours standing in it – doing dishes, helping wash veggies, make sugar-free pumpkin muffins or his favorite energy balls. He can easily climb into it himself and it’s not as clunky as some models I’ve seen. The same stool also comes in natural and black colors. Or check out these Top 7 Learning Towers to help pick yours!

My son is definitely more likely to try new foods while helping in the learning tower and munches on foods he does not always choose at the table! Of all the kitchen gifts for toddlers, this is hands down my favorite.

UPDATE: I wrote a post all about my favorite learning towers – read it to find out which tower would work best for your family!

learning towers are perfect kitchen gifts for toddlers

2. Elk & Friends Toddler Cups

These glass cups make a perfect gift for any family that is trying to limit plastic exposure (which is actually a recommendation of the American Association of Pediatrics now.) As long as you use the leak-proof seals that come with them they are really great about not leaking. These cups are very durable as they have been dropped many times and have yet to break!

By the way, here are more highly recommended plastic-free toddler cups.

foodie and kitchen gifts for toddlers - mason jar cups

3. Bumkins Silicone Grip Divided Plate

This bumkins plate is one of my favorite toddler feeding accessories. I love that it suctions to the table/high chair tray, but without having the outer edge that some plates have. Even after he figured out how to pull it off the tray (which happened pretty fast), I find that it being grippy helps him scoop up foods like peas onto his utensils without moving the plate.

bumkins silicone plate for babies and toddlers

4. Munchin Stainless Steel Snack Catcher

This stainless steel snack cup gets a lot of use at our house. I love that it comes with a lid that can be used for on-the-go and diaper bag storing. Definitely a fun and useful food gift for any toddler or babe.

5. A Fun Apron for Cooking or Pretend Play

FunsLane Waterproof Apron 15Pcs Chef Set

waterproof kids apron for gift idea

This adorable waterproof apron, which comes with cookie cutters, a cookie utensil set, potholder, and oven mitt, would make a perfect gift for any little girl.

KinHwa Waterproof Kids Apron 2 Pockets

waterproof kids apron

There aren’t as many options for aprons for little boys, but I’m sure any young boy would love these waterproof puppy aprons. Plus, they would work for girls too and come in a set of 2 for a friend or sibling to cook as well!

6. Cookie Cutters of Favorite Animals, Shapes, or Holiday Related

Cookie cutters can be used for more than just making cookies (although that is a perfect use, too.) They can be used for cutting sandwiches, shaping pancakes, crafting, and more. They are one of those gifts that can easily foster family time.

Wilton Cookie Cutters, 101 Piece Set

cookie cutters a favorite toddler gift

This large 101 piece set by Wilton includes the alphabet, numbers, and holiday shapes and would be a great gift for a toddler learning numbers or letters.

Ann Clark 11-Piece Winter Christmas Cookie Cutter Set

cookie cutters

This highly rated Christmas cookie cutter set would be perfect for the popular tradition of baking Christmas cookies!

LENK Vegetable Cutter Shapes Set

fruit and veggie cutters

These smaller cookie cutters are perfect for cutting fruits, veggies, sandwiches and other shapes and would be easier for little hands to grab as well.

7. Silicone Popsicle Molds

Joie Freeze Pops

popsicle mold

We have this same freeze pop mold (but in bear shapes) that I picked up last year at TJ Maxx. They are handy in that only 2 popsicles are frozen together in each set (making it convenient for freezing leftover smoothies that wouldn’t fill up a larger set) and pull out of the mold easily.

8. Curious Chef Nylon Knife Set

toddler knives

We don’t have a kid-safe knife set yet but this is great for an older toddler. Many moms I know like the Curious Chef set.

9. Joie Fruit and Vegetable Wavy Chopper Knife

wavy chopper knife for toddlers

I literally just ordered this wavy chopper knife, so we haven’t got to experiment with it yet. The wavy chopper knife is perfect for cutting things like avocados for babies to make them easier to grip. It’s also good for older toddlers to experiment with. Plus, any kid may find certain foods more fun (and edible) if they are cut wavy.

Toy Kitchen Related Gifts for Toddlers and Babies

Involving your little one in the kitchen will no doubt make them more interested in kitchen-related pretend play!

10. Kitchen and Food-Related Duplo Sets

LEGO Duplo My Town Family House

duplo house

My son has been playing with my old 1992 Grandma’s Kitchen Duplo set nonstop for the past 3 weeks since we brought it back from my parents’ house. Apparently Duplo doesn’t make just a kitchen set anymore?! However, this Duplo house does have a kitchen in it with some of his favorite features (kitchen table, chairs, tea kettle.) Though, I have to say I prefer the separate set which does seem to have more kitchen equipment and accessories (opening fridge, sink, pot, etc). Either way, this is still a great way to introduce kitchen-related pretend play to your little one! Our Duplo kitchen/house is the most popular toy here right now. We are building houses and kitchens ALLLLLL day long.

LEGO Duplo Farmers Market

I’m adding this Duplo farmers market to my list for my son. I think he would have a lot of fun with this set since it has the food, car, and encourages the mindset of shopping for veggies, etc from a local source! A few similar grocery shopping sets include Duplo My First Supermarket and the larger Duplo Market Place.

11. Kids Play Kitchen

I got my kids the IKEA Duktig Kitchen and they just love it! However, I spent a ton of time researching them before deciding on that one. Here is a post with all of my favorite kid’s kitchens!

12. Melissa & Doug Stainless Steel Pots & Pans

pots and pans

Again, we don’t have this exact set, but we do have some play pots, pans, and dishes that get played with nearly daily.

Kitchen Gifts for Families (that the Toddlers will Love!)

13. Mueller Multi-Blade Spiralizer

spiralizer a perfect kitchen gift for toddlers

Our 1 year old LOVES to help spiralize veggies and I love our Mueller Spiralizer. In fact, this summer when zucchini was in season he would happily help turn the knob while simultaneously eating the zucchini. Getting him actively involved in the kitchen definitely encourages him to eat and try fresh produce that he may otherwise be leery of if it were simply put on his plate.

14. Cuisinart 2 Quart Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream Maker

ice cream maker

Making homemade frozen yogurt or ice cream is something the whole family can enjoy and take part in. I’ve personally been eyeing this Cuisinart ice cream maker for a few years. Actually, my toddler loved helping his grandpa put the ice in his ice cream machine all summer, so perhaps an old-fashioned machine would be more enjoyable for a toddler!

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foodie and ktichen gifts for toddlers - collage include kitchen helper and toddler cups

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