Hi, I’m Josten, and I help moms confidently feed their littles with easy recipes and solid nutrition advice.

I would like to help you:

  • find easy recipes that even your picky toddler will love.
  • learn to make a meal plan you actually follow.
  • answer your nutrition questions with fad-free advice.

I’m here to teach you dinner doesn’t have to be complicated to be delicious and healthy. I can even help you come up with a game plan for the next time your toddler refuses to eat their dinner.

Josten Fish, RDN

Josten is a Registered Dietitian with over 10 years of experience in the field of Nutrition.

As a Mommy to 2 littles:

I have refined my practice as a Dietitian by cooking with little people wrapped around my legs and strapped to my body.

I’ve experienced continual snack requests all day long and have strategies ready to help your kids develop healthy eating habits and a positive food mindset. 

And now, with some real-life “Mom” experience, I’m here to show you that feeding your family healthy food does not have to be overwhelming or all-consuming.

YOU can do this, too!

Here are a few more things you should know about me:

  1. My husband and I moved 9 times in the first 9 years of our marriage (4 states & 6 different towns.)
  2. I love to experiment and bake for fun in the kitchen, but if my husband took over cooking dinner every night, I wouldn’t complain.
  3. I LOVE coffee and make a delicious maple latte almost every morning.
  4. My idea of a perfect day out involves a hike up a mountain, scenic views, and dinner out.
  5. I’m a child of God.

Professional Education & Awards

  • Purdue University, B.S. Double Major: Dietetics/Nutrition, Fitness, & Health
  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Commission on Dietetics Registration
  • Tri-Cities Young Dietitian of the Year Award, 2013

Disclaimer:  This blog is intended as an educational resource to encourage wellness and prevention. Please see your personal Registered Dietitian or Licensed Physician for individualized nutrition advice. Josten is a Registered Dietitian and the views reflected in this blog are her own which are shaped by her education, evidence based research, and her professional career. The opinions in this blog do not necessarily reflect those of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. None of the information in this blog is intended to be used to diagnose, treat, or cure any illness.