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Apple Cider Green Smoothie

This apple cider green smoothie is my favorite autumn green smoothie. First of all, I do realize it’s no longer autumn. However, they are still selling apple cider in our local grocery stores and I can’t let you go without this secret any longer.

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Apple Cider Green Smoothie

Apple cider? In a smoothie? Yep, good old apple cider. Just be sure you are buying the real thing. Not the apple juice apple cider.

Maybe you are thinking I’m an apple cider snob? This could be true. I did grow up on Appleacres apple cider, and for my local readers, this is, of course, the best apple cider EVER. Basically, when I talk REAL apple cider I’m talking pressed cider. The kind that needs to be kept cold. The problem is there is no regulation on the term apple cider. You may have noticed that there can be big differences in different brands of apple cider even as far as taste. So here are a few tips for helping to purchase the best tasting (and healthiest) apple cider.

How to buy the best apple cider:

Hint #1: on finding the real thing at your local grocery store, look in the cold section. If it’s shelf stable, it will just taste like (and basically is) apple juice. (Unfortunately, since writing this I’ve discovered stores sneaking shelf-stable apple cider into the cold section…very tricky.)
Hint #2: If it is labeled as “pressed” or “cold-pressed” in the ingredient list it’s a good sign it’s going to be delicious and healthier!
Hint #3: It will likely look cloudy instead of uniform.
Hint #4: No added questionable ingredients (mostly sugar!)

Ok, now that I’ve shared all of the knowledge on choosing the perfect apple cider. Let’s talk about just how delicious the apple cider green smoothie is. It adds a special kind of kick to the green smoothie that even juice (a rare commodity at our house) doesn’t seem to give it.

Apple Cider Green Smoothie

The other ingredients are just basic green smoothie ingredients. My favorites for green smoothies: kale/spinach, some kind of frozen fruit, chia seeds, and liquid (water, coconut water,  almond milk, or in this case apple cider.)  I should probably mention here that I usually just use water to make my green smoothies. SO, even a small amount of apple cider turns it into a sweet treat for me. While we don’t usually buy juice, apple cider is a special fall treat that we do enjoy.

We’ve actually tried apple cider in a variety of other smoothies. I think Casey actually first tried putting it in a delicious protein smoothie with more of a creamy/milky base. In fact, if you like apple cider milk shakes it was really like a healthier alternative to that. After we tried that deliciousness, we just couldn’t stop. Apple cider in everything. Apple cider in pumpkin soup, apple cider in muffins, and finally came my favorite, the APPLE CIDER GREEN SMOOTHIE.

Apple Cider Green SmoothieApple Cider Green Smoothie

By the way, green smoothies make the perfect breakfast. For more breakfast ideas be sure to download my FREE real food breakfast guide from my resource library!

Apple Cider Green Smoothie

Prep Time5 mins
Total Time5 mins
Course: Smoothies
Servings: 1 smoothie


  • 2 cups spinach Can also use kale
  • 1 cup frozen fruit
  • 3/4 cup apple cider
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1 Tbsp Chia Seeds (optional)


  • Blend above ingredients together in blender. Enjoy!

easy apple cider green smoothie

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