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26 Healthy Store Bought Toddler Snacks

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Many parents worry that store-bought snacks are not healthy enough for their children. Parents want to give their kids a snack after school or when they go out, but it’s hard to find healthy snacks in the grocery stores. Most packaged foods are high in sugar and additives. If you don’t have time to make your own homemade snacks, here are some great healthy store-bought toddler snacks from your local grocery store (or Amazon!) that feature whole grains and real ingredients.

4 healthy store bought snacks for toddlers including crackers, raisins, dino bars, and apple sauce

This list includes popular packaged toddler snacks that our kids enjoy and that are not loaded with sugar or other additives. I hope this list will help streamline your shopping and help you to find some healthy prepackaged snacks for your toddlers whether you are looking for them to take to preschool or eat at home or on the go.

26 Healthy Packaged Snacks for Toddlers

Whether you are looking for low-sugar snacks for kids or individually wrapped snacks for school, here are some ideas of healthy store-bought toddler snacks that I feel comfortable serving my own toddlers. They are not only mom-approved but toddler-approved!

Best Snack and Energy Bars for Toddlers

1. RX Bar Kid – Featuring dates, egg whites, and nuts, these bars are a great packaged option for kids.

2. Dino Bars – Perfect for even young toddlers because of their softer texture, dino bars are made with wholesome ingredients and come with a fun package to boot. Purchase on amazon or buy directly from the site with a subscription plan.

3. Lara barsLara bars are made with whole, simple ingredients. Be cautious giving them to younger toddlers as some flavors (mostly the ones containing almonds) contain large almost whole nuts which should be avoided until ages 4-5. I find the cashew & peanut ones are typically chopped better, but I still cut them into small pieces for young toddlers. If this is a concern for you then you may avoid them. They do make Larabar kids, but the ingredient list is very different (contains added sugar.)

4. Chewy Honey Oat Kid Kind Bars – These technically have 5 g of added sugar which is more than I typically aim for in a kid’s snack (4g is my goal.) I personally don’t buy them for my kids except when it’s my son’s turn to take preschool snacks as they are more budget-friendly and widely accepted.

5. Skout Kids Bars – Similar to Larabars as they are sweetened with a date base and come in a variety of flavors.

healthy packaged snacks for toddlers including dino bars

Best Protein/Fat Packaged Snacks for Toddlers

6. Baybel – Containing real cheese, these individual packets are healthy packaged snacks and provide a good source of protein and fat. Serve along with crackers or fruit and slice for young toddlers.

7. String Cheese – Made with real cheese and healthy nutrients, string cheese is a healthy on-the-go snack that also provides healthy calcium. It’s portable too because it doesn’t have to be refrigerated.

8. Stonyfield Yogurt Pouches/Tubes/Cups – Stonyfield has a variety of options for young toddlers including pouches, tubes, and cups. They have minimal sugar and a simple ingredient list compared with other kids yogurt brands.

9. Guacamole – Either buy guacamole in large containers to dip out at home or small individual packages for your toddler. You can use it as a dip or spread for veggies, crackers, or even toast!

10. Hummus – Again you can buy in large containers or individual packages if you need an on-the-go snack option. Perfect for using as a dip with pepper sticks, cucumber sticks, etc.

11. Cottage Cheese Singles– Buying cottage cheese in small cups can also make a great prepackaged snack for toddlers ready to go in lunch boxes or for a quick snack option.

12. Peanut or Nut Butter – Buying peanut butter, almond butter, or even cashew butter to spread onto foods on the go (in small packs) or at home can be a great option for adding fat and protein to your toddler’s diet. Just be sure to spread a thin layer as eating it plain or in larger amounts can be a choking hazard.

Crackers and Crunchy Snacks for Toddlers

I’ve actually got a whole article on finding the best crackers for toddlers and my top 6 favorite brands if you are looking for more cracker ideas for your toddler. However, here are a few of our favorite go-to crunchy cracker-type snacks for toddlers.

Best packaged crackers to buy for toddlers snacks: triscuits, from the ground up, late july, and simple mills

13. Triscuits – Triscuits are easy to find and whole grain. I usually buy the organic thin crips as my kids prefer these over the thicker original ones. Here are my other favorite healthy crackers for toddlers.

14. Bitsy Brain Food Crackers – These are a great packaged food item if you need individually wrapped snacks for preschool or to quickly pack in lunches. They feature whole grains, chia seeds, and even dehydrated carrots. Plus, they come in a variety of flavors from sweet maple (does have a little added sugar so I would avoid it for kids under 2) to cheddar chia.

15. Snap Pea Crisps – These healthy snacks are made with peas and are easy to find at most grocery stores including Walmart.

16. Annie’s Whole Wheat Bunnies – These healthy baked treats have the first ingredient of whole wheat flour meaning they do in fact feature whole grains.

17. Veggie Straws – While veggie straws aren’t exactly made of veggies (they are composed mostly of potato and corn), they do have minimal ingredients and make a tasty and fun snack for toddlers.

18. Serenity Kids Grain Free Puffs – I love the Serenity Kids brand (I used to buy my daughter the pouches when she was a baby for on the go) but they now have grain free puffs that feature Cassava flour as well as various vegetables. I would definitely recommend these for younger toddlers or even babies.

19. Cheerios – Easy to find absolutely anywhere and most kids love them, Cheerios have got to be the go-to prepackaged snack for toddlers.

20. Pirates Booty – These cheese puff snacks are gluten and nut free making them a good school-friendly snack (except for dairy allergies.)

Fruit Snack Ideas for Toddlers (Prepackaged or packable)

Fruit is a pretty easy snack on its own, but if you are looking for something that does not need to be prepped at home by cutting, slicing, or even washing here are my favorite fruit ideas for toddlers:

21. Raisins – Raisins make a sweet snack for toddlers. AAP actually removed raisins from the choking list nearly 10 years ago, but it’s often recommended to wait until 18 months to serve them.

22. Freeze-Dried Fruit – Freeze-dried fruit is a healthy store-bought snack for kids and has a longer shelf life. My toddlers think it’s beyond delicious.

23. Bananas – I mean maybe they aren’t exactly prepackaged, but they technically come in great natural packaging (aka banana peel) and are perfect for throwing in your diaper bag.

24. Mandarin Oranges or Other Fruit Cups (in water or fruit juice) – If you are buying packaged fruit cups, just ensure the fruit is in water or fruit juice not syrup.

These healthy store-bought toddler snacks are healthy options for your children that don’t require a lot of prep time or effort. If you’re looking for packaged healthy snacks, I hope these ideas help you.

Packaged Treats for Toddlers

One of our school’s policies this year is no homemade treats or snacks, including for birthdays. If you are looking for more of a fun or sweet packaged food item for a birthday party at school or just a packaged dessert, here are some of my favorite options. Some of these options do have more added sugar than I typically serve my kids, but they are great when you need a store-bought treat.

25. GoodPop Freezer Pops – These organic fruit juice pops are 100% juice and a perfect treat for kids. Simply shake them and then put them in the freezer to freeze for a fun cold treat on a hot summer day.

26. Larabar Kids Bars – At 10 g of added sugar I do not consider these a good everyday snack for your toddler. However, if you are need in of a fun packaged dessert for your toddler then these make a good option.

Do You Have Favorite Healthy Store Bought Snacks for Your Toddler?

Feel free to leave any of your family’s favorite packaged snacks in the comments below. I would love more healthy store-bought toddler snack ideas!

By the way, if you are wondering about candy for your toddlers, be sure to check out this post on the best Halloween Candy for toddlers where I evaluate the candy on the market.

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26 Healthy Store Bought Toddler Snacks

These 26 healthy store bought toddler snacks include great packaged snack ideas for on the go, preschool, or even home!

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