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Finding the Best Sprouted Grain Bread

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This is part 2 in my series on sprouted grains. If you missed it, be sure to go back and read Part 1: Complete Guide to Sprouted Grains. In the guide I mentioned checking ingredient labels to ensure your bread is actually sprouted grains (and not just half sprouted grains and the other half some other kind of flour.) For the purpose of answering some of the popular questions that came up from the last post, this post is to help you find the best sprouted grain bread at your grocery!

Obviously, if a bread does include something besides sprouted grain it may still be a good choice, but it may not be the best choice if you are looking for a product only composed of sprouted grains. As with any food, it’s important to just be aware of what you are buying and not be fooled by food marketing tactics.

best sprouted grain bread

What to Look For in the Best Sprouted Grain Bread

First, let’s consider some key factors to evaluate when looking for the best sprouted grain bread:

  • Is the bread only made of sprouted grains or does it also include grains that have not been sprouted?
  • Does the bread have flour? (Remember this could be sprouted flour, whole grain flour, or even just refined flour in addition to the sprouted grains.)
  • Is the bread sweetened? If so, with what sweetener?
  • Is it organic?
  • What grains is the bread composed of? (Might be of even more important consideration if your family has food allergies or intolerances.)

Best Sprouted Grain Bread: Exploring Popular Brands

Food For Life (Ezekiel)

Food For Life (Ezekiel bread) is the ever popular and easy to find sprouted bread. Most major grocery store chains will have Ezekiel bread, which can be found in the freezer section.

  • No artificial ingredients, preservatives, shortenings, or refined sugars.
  • They use a wet processing method (you can refresh your memory on the processing methods in the first article.) Basically, the sprouts are mashed into the dough and then baked into bread.
  • They have 21 varieties of bread. Most are free of sweeteners and flour altogether, with the exception of the gluten-free varieties.
  • Their Ezekiel 4:9 varieties, Sprouted for Life, and the 7 Grain sprouted bread include only grains that are sprouted. They do have a few gluten-free varieties that are not sprouted.
  • A slow-bake process is used to help preserve the natural fiber and bran.
  • Majority of ingredients are certified organic.
  • Gluten-free available? The Sprouted for Life variety is gluten-free and sprouted.

Angelic Bakehouse

Angelic Bakehouse specializes in sprouted grain bread and is a steadily growing company. The bread can be found at many health food grocery stores, but I couldn’t find it in any of the conventional grocery stores near me.

  • No artificial sweeteners, fats, sugars, or preservatives.
  • Wet process method is used with mashing sprouts to make their bread.
  • Though the majority of grains in their bread are sprouted, their bread does still include whole wheat flour.
  • Bread does include sweetener in the form of organic honey and molasses.
  • 7 varieties of sprouted bread available.
  • Gluten-free available? No, they do not have gluten-free varieties.

Shiloh Farms

Shiloh Farms sells a variety of products. They have 3 different kinds of sprouted bread and aren’t as easy to find in stores, though some smaller locally owned health stores may stock their bread and products. However, it may be of interest that they do sell 100% sprouted flour in a variety of different grains and seeds in their Pure Living line, such as sprouted quinoa flour, sprouted spelt flour, and even sprouted garbanzo bean flour.

  • Bread is certified organic.
  • Though the majority of grains in the bread are sprouted, it does contain wheat flour. According to their website nutrition facts, 2 of the varieties are 100% whole wheat, but the Bread For Life variety is just listed as unbleached wheat flour which would be a refined grain.
  • Bread contains sweetener in the form of organic molasses.
  • Gluten-free available? No, all varieties contain gluten.

Alvarado Street

In addition to bread, Alvarado Street sells bagels, buns (burgers and hot dogs), squares, and tortillas. They even sell a very interesting bread made with coffee flour! Their products can be found at a few major healthy grocery stores chains including Whole Foods and Earth Fare.

  • Their bread does include some grains that are not sprouted, including wheat. Although, the first listed ingredient is sprouted grains and they do have flourless breads.
  • Their basic breads are sweetened with honey and/or unsulfured molasses with the exception of their Diabetic Lifestyles Low Glycemic bread that is sweetened with dates. Some of the specialty and black label breads are sweetened with organic agave.
  • Certified organic bread is available, and bread that does not have the organic seal is still made using many organic ingredients.
  • Gluten-free available? No, they do not appear to have a gluten-free variety.

Silver Hills Bakery

Silver Hills Bakery bread can be found fairly easily, including at some Targets and large chain health food stores such as Fresh Thyme, Earth Fare, and Whole Foods. In addition to bread, they sell buns (burgers and hot dogs), bagels, and tortillas.

  • Some (but not all) varieties are organic, but all are Non-GMO verified.
  • Most varieties contain cultured wheat flour although the primary ingredient(s) are sprouted grains.
  • Most varieties of Silver Hills sprouted bread are sweetened with molasses or cane sugar. However, they do have 1 choice available, Steady Eddie, that is sweetened with apple puree.
  • Gluten-free available? No, their sprouted bread varieties contain gluten.

Simply Nature (Aldi) Sprouted Bread

Aldi now sells a Simply Nature sprouted 7-grain bread. It’s a really economical whole grain bread choice that may be easy to find if you regularly shop at Aldi and work to manage a grocery budget while eating healthy.

  • Primarily composed of sprouted wheat, quinoa, oat groats, rye berries, barley, amaranth, and millet. However, it does contain whole wheat flour, but it is further down in the ingredient list following all 7 of the other grains listed above (meaning there is much less of it when considering all 7 of these sprouted grains are listed before the flour.)
  • Not organic, but is Non-GMO verified.
  • Sweetened with honey and molasses.
  • Gluten-free available? No, it contains gluten.

Trader Joe’s Sprouted 7 Grain Bread

I don’t actually have a Trader Joe’s nearby, and since they don’t list all of the ingredients for their bread online it’s a bit hard to provide all of the facts. (Also to note, its sprouted bread seems strikingly similar to Aldi’s, which is not surprising given they are somewhat related.) Here’s what I could factually gather:

  • According to their website, the bread is certified organic in the following: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North & South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. (I guess it’s safe to assume it’s not considered organic in the other states?)
  • Composed primarily of sprouted: wheat berries, quinoa, millet, oat groats, barley, rye, and amaranth. (I’m unable to see if flour is listed from their website.)
  • Sweetened with honey and molasses.
  • Gluten-free available? No, it contains gluten.

The Best Sprouted Grain Bread: Conclusion

All of the aforementioned brands have good sprouted grain bread options available. Personally, I’ve bought Food For Life bread for years and will likely continue to do so. I love that every single grain is sprouted using the wet method and it does not contain any sweetener. I generally buy the 7 sprouted grains as I also avoid soy and it is free of soybeans.

An easy second contender may be Aldi sprouted bread. Given the price point, the minimal amount of flour as compared to sprouted grains, and sweetened with honey and molasses, it’s definitely a bread I can get on board with. My husband actually prefers Aldi sprouted bread taste and honestly, it is a bit easier on the budget.

Any of these choices (with the exception of the 1 variety of Shiloh Farms that does have refined flour) would make a good choice. Your decision will likely depend on your family’s food preferences, budget, and grain preferences!

best sprouted grain bread

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  1. Phaedra Leslie says:

    Thank you. Still slightly confused but in a better place than before reading this.

    1. I’m glad it helped! Are there specific questions you still have? I’d like to update this post soon and it will help me update it in the best way for you (my readers) if you share any specific questions you may have. Thanks!

      1. Steven Katz says:

        A second thank you! As a pre-diabetic, I am looking for the best alternative to bread with refined flour. Is there a guide to the glycemic index ratings of these sprouted grain breads? I have been using the Food For Life Ezekiel 4:9 Low Sodium, which as you say is widely available, but expensive. I recently tried the Angelic Bakehouse 7-Grain Bread No Added Salt, which may have tasted a bit better than the Ezekiel, and was available at Whole Foods.

        1. Hi Steven, I’m glad this was helpful. I have not put together a guide of glycemic index ratings of these yet, but thanks for that idea. Glad you have found a bread!

  2. Thank you for all the information. I’ve been eating the Trader Joes Sprouted wheat breads and enjoy it but wasn’t sure of how it compared to others.

  3. Julia Tomlinson says:

    I am looking for a gluten free bread that contains NO SWEETENERS, I cannot stand sweetened bread, no matter what is used to sweeten it, It’a like eating cake. So hard to find. If I had to I maybe could tolerate 1 gram.


  4. Thank you for this article. I was looking for a gluten-free bread without sugar. My Publix has the Ezekiel 4:9 Food for Life Sprouted Grain bread. I usually toast gluten-free bread which I believe makes it taste better.

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