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17 Aldi Real Food Finds

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Before I go into my Aldi real food finds, I want to start with a story about how I took these pictures. The stock man at Aldi must have stopped me four times while taking these pictures to ask if I needed anything. The final time he put great emphasis on making SURE I was finding what I needed, “Are you SURE you don’t need help finding anything.” I was trying to blend in while taking my photos and jotting down prices. Lesson learned: next time, don’t be so self-conscious, and politely tell the man what I’m doing! I’m pretty sure it’s not illegal to take photos in grocery stores. I mean this isn’t pottery barn, right? (Seriously, I still remember someone I was with being asked not to take a photograph at Pottery Barn in high school.)

Aldi Real Food Finds

Are you held up from changing your diet because you are concerned about the cost and toll it will take on your budget? Buying good healthy food doesn’t have to break the bank! One way I’ve found to have great savings is to start my grocery shopping at Aldi every week. I can get some essentials, check the price and quality of produce, and head on to another grocery store to get what I still have left to buy!

In the midwest, I grew up with Aldi. I remember putting my mom’s quarter in to get our cart and searching for an empty box in the aisle to pile all our groceries in. Even as a kid, I loved it when we went to Aldi to get groceries. I was so excited a few years ago when we were living in East Tennessee and our town finally got an Aldi. It seems like the last few years they are popping up everywhere and now making promises to continue to offer more organic and less processed options. Fuel to my flame! 🙂

Aldi Real Food Finds

I definitely don’t buy everything at Aldi. Some of the things I put on this list are stuff are cheaper at a wholesale (such as Sam’s club or Costco) and some things might be found cheaper on sale or in bulk bins out of the bulk section. However, I love that even in just 1 simple stop you can get all kinds of healthy food without breaking the bank!

Fun fact: The founders of Aldi and Trader Joe’s were brothers.

17 Aldi Real Food Finds

1. Produce Finds

Aldi Real Food Finds

The produce varies week by week at Aldi. If you don’t review grocery ads before heading out to do your shopping (guilty!) then my best piece of advice is start with Aldi. This will allow you to compare the price with “usual prices” at other stores. I often find good deals on avocados, peppers, mushrooms, onions, and perhaps any other produce special depending on what it is that week.

2. Steel Cut oats

Aldi Real Food Finds

At only $2.29 for a 24 oz container, this is definitely a good deal on steel cut oats. It’s one of the cheapest options with the exception being buying from bulk bins. (Purchasing in bulk is often cheaper and the case remains for steel cut oats. I can get them at Fresh Thyme for $0.99 /lb.) However, when this option isn’t convenient or available, Aldi makes for a great place to stock up on Steel Cut Oats.

3. Quinoa

Quinoa is a actually a seed, but it can be eaten as a grain. It’s a great source of fiber and protein (even containing all nine of the essential amino acids!) You can work quinoa into a variety of dishes including these Turkey Quinoa Meatballs.

Aldi Real Food Finds

4. Meat

Similar to their produce, Aldi has meat sales that vary by the week. Check the flyer to get a heads up on the meat that will be on sale for the week.

I generally end up buying my meat when Earth Fare or Fresh Thyme has a sale and I’m stocking my freezer, but Aldi does have some great choices as well.

“Never Any!” brand of both Whole Chickens and Chicken Breasts

“Fit & Active” Lean Ground TurkeyAldi Real Food Finds

Simple Nature Organic Grass Fed BeefAldi Real Food Finds

5. Organic Canned Beans

Truly, I don’t take a lot of time to soak beans ahead of time and often find myself buying canned beans instead of dried. Canned organic beans at my Aldi are $0.79 per can as compared to generally $1 on sale at Kroger. Sure, dried beans may be a bit cheaper, but the canned kind fit our busy lifestyle perfectly, still allowing us to get quick and healthy dinners on the table night after night!

Aldi Real Food Finds

6. Organic Canned Tomatoes

Tomatoes are on the dirty dozen list so I prefer to buy organic on my tomato products. This huge can of chopped tomatoes works perfect in many dishes, especially soups! If you don’t need the whole can you can always freeze the remainders.

Aldi Real Food Finds

7. Organic Chicken, Beef, Vegetable Broth

Making your own broth at home is simple, but to be completely honest I always run out of it before I’m ready to make it again. Therefore, in between I typically buy organic broth (to help with avoiding unnecessary ingredients.)  Aldi generally has organic beef, chicken, and vegetable broth available for $1.89.

Aldi Real Food Finds

8. Eggs

Aldi has both organic and conventional eggs at excellent prices. The conventional egg price especially vary by the week, but are almost always under $1 for one dozen!

Aldi Real Food Finds

The Organic Eggs are going for $3.49 per dozen right now at my Aldi which beats out both my Wal Mart and Kroger!

9. Peanut Butter

Aldi Real Food Finds

I would skip the conventional peanut butter at Aldi as it has unnecessary added ingredients (see right bottle). If you’re going conventional, try Kroger natural instead or buy it in a bulk section). However, if you go with organic peanut butter, their organic variety included no added sugar and only peanuts and salt and rang in at $3.89 for a jar or $0.24/ oz.

10. Nuts

Aldi Real Food Finds

Aldi has a variety of whole and chopped nuts. The plain nuts are perfect to mix together with unsweetened dried fruit to make your own trail mix!

11. Organic Coconut Oil

Aldi Real Food Finds

Coconut oil can be processed in a variety of ways. Aldi’s coconut oil is unrefined and cold-pressed, making it a perfect real food find.

12. Milk

The Conventional Milk at my Aldi this week was $1.25, but it does vary by the week.

Aldi also has organic milk for $2.95/half gallon.

Aldi Real Food FindsSide note: I don’t actually usually buy my milk at Aldi, but it’s a good price and option and we have purchased it from here before. I typically buy the glass bottled non-homogenized kind for my husband (I don’t like milk). In general, I prefer to stick to foods in their more natural and less processed forms. Therefore, we choose to get the non-homogenized milk. The company I buy from isn’t certified organic, but I trust their farming practices (giving cows antibiotics, but only as needed) and pasturing their cows as able.

13. Apple Cider Vinegar

Aldi Real Food Finds

Aldi apple cider vinegar include “the mother”, strands of friendly bacteria making it more beneficial. It works great in a variety of salad dressings and marinades, and their brand is definitely cheaper than the name brand (Bragg’s.)

14. Chia Seeds

I love to mix chia seeds in my smoothies, granola, and yogurt!

Aldi Real Food Finds

15. Sprouted Bread

Aldi sprouted bread has a variety of sprouted grains and is sweetened with honey and molasses. I generally prefer Ezekiel sprouted bread which includes no sweeteners and is only comprised of sprouted grains (Aldi bread does have some whole wheat flour.) However, at $2.99 it’s easier on the budget than Ezekiel bread and still a great whole grain option.

Aldi Real Food Finds

16. Whole Grain Pasta

We don’t do pasta very often, but when we do we always buy whole grain. Make sure you snag the one that is made with 100% whole grain. They are all thrown together and while there are several organic options you have to hunt for the whole grain option.

Aldi Real Food Finds

17. Snack Foods

Who doesn’t love a snack? Or need a snack for convenience sake? Here are a few Aldi real food finds in the snack section!

Unsweetened Apple Sauce (or “Fruit Blend”)
Make sure you buy the one with no added sugar as they do have applesauce that DOES list sugar in the ingredients label.

Aldi Real Food Finds

Rice Cakes
The rice cakes at Aldi are so much cheaper than most grocery stores! Top them with some peanut butter and chia seeds and you have a delicious snack!

Aldi Real Food Finds

Lightly Salted Popcorn
This option beats out most chips any day! Less ingredients and more bang for you buck since you only have 31 calories per cup!

Aldi Real Food Finds

Corn Tortilla Chips
Okay, so I did include a chip option! I like to buy these organic tortilla chips to snack on along with some salsa, homemade dip, or eat alongside taco salad.

Aldi Real Food Finds

Finding Real Food Finds at Aldi

Just like any other grocery store, remember to check your labels by reading the ingredient list. Food is often marketed as “healthy” only to be loaded with processed ingredients and sugar. The goal of a company is to market their food to you and they can call anything they want “active”, “healthy”, natural”, or any other term to catch your attention. It’s more important than ever to be a careful consumer.

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  1. Wonderful suggestions for healthy foods to buy at a cheaper price! The photos add a great visual. Thanks!!!

  2. Serena Clampitt says:

    I love this post Josten! This is so helpful!
    Thanks for your recommendations, next time I will know what to get at Aldi.

  3. Crystal Green says:

    I never knew this much information about Aldi’s. I was trying to get my husband to give them a try the not too long ago, but he backed out on me. I’m going to have to show him this to make an even bigger argument for my case.

    (By the way, I like your site.)

  4. Eric Lignell says:

    Very glad I don’t have to pay too much at a foo-foo grocery store for healthier food.

  5. Nicole Eggersman says:

    Thank you! I appreciate your research, advice, and pictures!

  6. Anna Locricchio says:

    Why isn’t Aldi’s more like Trader Joes, It’s a shame. I like Aldi’s but Tardrer Joes is the best Well they very open up a trader Joes on the east side?

    1. Hi Anna, The closest Trader Joe’s is well over an hour from me so I rarely make it. I love the new options Aldi’s is bringing out lately, but would also love to have a Trader Joe’s near where I live!

  7. Yessss this post rocks!! (Bookmarked on my phone!) There are sooo many sites that either assume I’m aiming for an Arnold Schwarzenegger bod or expect me to eat leaves and count seeds at every meal!! I eat like a toddler–if it isn’t chicken nuggets, macaroni, pizza, or corn dogs then get it away from me, lol… Your list is great for anyone just trying to make a few baby steps in the right direction versus filling their kitchen with crap I can’t even spell that looks like it came from the Amazon rainforest lol!! Thanks for the tips! 🙂

    1. I’m so glad you found it helpful! That’s my goal to provide actual usable and not overwhelming advice! 🙂

  8. Just Sayin says:

    Just a correction on your fun fact. The founder of Trader Joe’s is Joe Coulombe in 1967, not one of the Aldi brothers. One of the brothers has recently purchased Trader Joe’

    1. Thanks for sharing!! I will have to update the information. 🙂

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