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24 Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers in 2020

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If you’re looking for stocking stuffers for toddlers that they can use and enjoy all year round, check out this list of toddler stocking ideas that are practical, creative, and educational.

Hopefully, this list of ideas for your toddler’s stocking fillers will help to inspire you to stuff your little one’s stockings.

24 Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers

Kitchen Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Toddlers

1. Insulated Foogo Water Bottle

We have a couple of these water bottles for my son. It’s insulated and just the right size for on the go or preschool! This is perfect for toddlers from 1 to 4 years old. These water bottles are stainless steel, making them durable enough to withstand frequent drops, spills, and throws.

2. Bumkins Reusable Snack Bags

We have a few sets of these reusable bags and love them! I plan to get more to put in my 2-year-old’s stocking this year. These bags work just as well for boy stockings or girl stockings as they have all kinds of prints!

3. Dino Silicone Freeze Pop Molds (or Unicorn Molds)

We have these Joie brand popsicle molds in another character and love them! Your kids will enjoy having homemade popsicles made into fun shapes.

4. Reusable Silicone Straws for Toddlers

These silicone straws get great reviews and are made for 6-12 oz cups making them the perfect size for toddlers. The variety of colorful straws may make drinking water more desirable for a busy toddler!

5. Cookie Cutters

This 26 piece cookie cutter set features traditional shapes from animals and airplanes to hearts. This would make a great first set of cookie cutters to use alongside your toddler. Or, if you want to fill your toddler’s stocking with festive cookie cutters, here is a highly rated 15 piece Christmas cookie cutter set.

6. Zip Top Silicone Snack Container Set

toddler silicone snack container set for stocking stuffer

These cute animal silicone snack containers are perfect for toddler for baby snacks on the go.

Food Stocking Fillers for Toddlers

7. An orange (or apple)

Placing an orange in the stocking is an old tradition and there are many theories as to where it comes from. However it came about, fruit in the toe of your kid’s stocking is a great inexpensive (and healthy) stocking stuffer.

8. Kids RX Bars

My toddler loves these kids RX bars so I plan to drop a few in his stocking. Featuring 5 grams of protein and only sweetened with dates, they are a great choice for kids.

9. Small Raisin Boxes

These small raisin boxes are just the right size to throw in your toddler’s or even older kid’s stockings for a sweet snack!

Stocking Stuffers for Learning & Creativity

10. Water Wow! Books by Melissa & Doug

These Water Wow! books are great for travel or on the go and would make excellent stocking stuffers for stimulating your toddler’s creativity.

11. Mini Magna Doodle

Another great toy to use in the car, this mini Magna doodle is sure to keep your kid preoccupied without the risk of running out of paper.

12. Pocket Etch a Sketch

A pocket Etch A Sketch may interest an older toddler or even young school-aged kid for a fun stocking stuffer idea.

13. Crayola Twistables

These twistable crayons are ideal for toddlers who may be prone to breaking crayons as they do not break easily and simply twist up.

14. Coloforms Toy Story

My 2-year-old has a set of Colorforms reusable stickers and loves them! They have provided him with quite a few hours of entertainment.

15. Crayola Bathtub Crayons

Bath crayons are a great way to bring art to the bath tub and help your toddler enjoy bath time. Your toddler will be thrilled to finally be able to draw on a wall without consequence.

16. I Spy Books – I Spy Animals

Stuff your toddler’s stocking with I Spy books if you want to keep them entertained for hours! My son loves this type of book and can spend hours looking at them in the car or at home in quiet time.

Fun Stocking Fillers for Young Kids

17. A Small Duplo Set – Lego Duplo Town Plane

A small Duplo set is a great toy to add to a stocking that will likely get played with over and over rather than tossed aside a few weeks later.

18. Road Tape

road tape for toddler toy

A great pick for car-loving boys (or girls!) this road tape has been a big hit at our house. After my friend pulled it out at a restaurant for her 2-year-old last year, I stuffed some in my son’s stocking and he has loved it!

19. Boon Building Bath Pipes

bath toy for toddler christmas

Another well-loved toy at our house are these pipe bath toys!

20. A Favorite Character Ornament (like this Daniel Tiger Hallmark Ornament)

I usually put an ornament in my son’s stocking. Since he loves Daniel Tiger, last year I put this Daniel Tiger Hallmark ornament in as a stocking filler and it was a big hit!

Practical Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers

21. Dr. Brown’s Toddler Crocodile Toothbrush

If your toddler is anything like mine, a new toothbrush is exciting stuff! I plan to get a fun new one like one of these for my son’s stocking this year.

22. ThinkBaby Sunscreen

We love this ThinkBaby Sunscreen for our toddlers and babies. It makes a great practical stocking stuffer to buy something that you’ll need later!

23. Toddler’s Sunglasses

My toddler will barely set foot outside without a pair of sunglasses! I’ve often felt like I need a backup pair or to keep a pair for home and one for the car.

24. Baby Shark Bandaids

Part practical and part fun – these baby shark bandaids are sure to please any Baby Shark loving toddler. And what toddler doesn’t love Baby Shark after all?

Keeping Your Kids Stockings Budget Friendly

Using things like snack bars, fruit, and other food items can be a sensible way to fill a stocking without wrecking your budget. You could just fill in with 1-2 additional items that you feel your toddler would love and get a lot of good use out of. Hitting up your Dollar Tree for hot wheel cars, notepads, and other $1 finds is another great way to fill the stocking out with a few more inexpensive items.

Other Ideas to Fill a Toddler’s Stocking?

Do you have a stocking stuffer that has gone over really well with your toddler or preschooler in the past? Please post in the comments below any ideas you have !

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