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Most of us want to feed ourselves and our families well, but making it happen can be completely overwhelming! 

Weeknights are busy, we put off deciding what to make for dinner, and it’s entirely too easy to scrape by with a half thought out grocery list at the last minute. Or maybe meal planning is so overwhelming you don’t even know where to start! 

Our recipes are cluttered and live in a multitude of places (pinterest, recipe box, folders, email, etc) only adding to our chaos!

Whatever is holding you back, it can cause frustration week after week. Whether it comes out in stressful last minute decisions on what to cook for dinner or you wind up going through a drive through rather than cooking at home. 

But, what if it your recipes were organized and you had a well thought out (and stress free!) meal planning system that you could actually follow?

My complete meal planning and recipe organization system provides everything you need to organize your recipes in an efficient binder and a system that not only teaches you to meal plan, but is an easy and effective way to actually do it!

The binder is set up to make the process smooth and allow you to create a weeks meal plan in 5-10 minutes. It will help you answer those questions and stressors that plauge you at dinner – week after week!

"What should I make for dinner tonight?"

"We don't have any good groceries here to cook."

"I don't have time to cook dinner."

"I shouldn't have got take out AGAIN."

"What am I going to pack for lunch tomorrow?"

"I should meal plan, but I'm too overwhelmed."

If you're ready to say goodbye to meal planning overwhelm and follow a system that works, this guide is for you!

You will have immediate access to the downloadable files immediately after checkout so you can get started TODAY! No waiting for something to be mailed!

I can't wait to help you SIMPLIFY your life by organizing your recipes and learning EASY meal planning strategies.

- Josten