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Hello Fresh Review: A Dietitian’s Perspective

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Hello Fresh Review

Hello Fresh Review

So, these meal subscription boxes have really intrigued me for a while now. A few weeks ago I used a coupon to get 50% off my first hello fresh box. Note: I cancelled my subscription immediately after getting my first box so Hello Fresh wouldn’t charge me for future boxes. We had so  much fun trying Hello Fresh for the week and really enjoyed NO GROCERY SHOPPING.

Let me repeat that. NO GROCERY SHOPPING!

Ok, so that’s not completely accurate, because we did still shop for breakfast/lunch items, but having dinner done was a huge time saver. Read on for my completely honest hello fresh review.

What Was In Our Box

We bought the 4 dinners for 2 plan. There were 6 dinners available to choose from. They had a really good selection and, unlike some other plans I have seen, you could pick any of the 4 (picking some didn’t disqualify others as is the case with Blue Apron – review coming soon.)

Hello Fresh Review

Our Taste Test

We rated them on a 5 point scale with 1 being very poor, 3 being fair, and 5 being very good. And to avoid dietitian taste bias of healthy foods, I’ve averaged mine and Casey’s (AKA my formerly picky husband) taste ratings together.

Jamie’s Salmon Parsels

Hello Fresh

Taste: 4 (And neither of us being salmon lover’s this is really good)

Nutrition Notes: All of the ingredients in this meal were whole foods that we use regularly at home. We made our own pesto from scratch and served potatoes with our salmon. I’m not sure where the Salmon came from or how it was sourced, so I can’t speak to this. In my opinion, Hello Fresh could do better if they offered wild caught salmon, or specify if they do.

Steak and Brussel Sprouts 

Hello Fresh Review


Taste: 4

Nutrition Notes: Again, no weird ingredients here. I don’t buy soy sauce to use at home (I prefer coconut aminos instead), but I am happy that the soy sauce was at least organic. It also included white jasmine rice and we usually only buy whole grain products. However, the meal was definitely healthier than dining out and the brussel sprouts were a great touch.

Pan Roasted Chicken 

Hello Fresh Review

Taste: 4.5

Nutrition Notes: The pan roasted chicken recipe included whole wheat Israeli Couscous (bonus points!) and an arugula salad. (Side note: Arugula is not one of my favorites but it is full of good nutrition. ?) I would’ve preferred more information on the ingredients included in the chicken stock concentrate.

Red Rice Bowl 

Taste: 2.75 (But, we didn’t thoroughly cook the rice so was this due to user error??)

Nutrition Notes: Between the red rice, red cabbage, spinach, and mushrooms, this meal is full of good nutrition. This one also came with soy sauce, but it was organic as well. Overall, the meal was filled with veggies and quality ingredients.

Who would I recommend this service to?

The boxes offer fresh ingredients to create home cooked meals. To be honest, I think the regular price of these boxes is a bit high. However, with any service I think you have to consider what they are offering. With a meal service such as Hello Fresh, you are getting your groceries delivered to your door and your meal planning for the week is done. While I certainly wouldn’t recommend this service for everyone, I do see it being useful to some. For example, meal subscription could really benefit families who have extra wiggle room in their budget, but don’t have the time to go grocery shopping or plan healthy meals. It would be healthier than eating out and a way to provide your family home cooked meals without feeling like you spend hours grocery shopping and menu planning.

Hello Fresh ReviewHello Fresh ReviewI hope that my Hello Fresh review helps you to decide if this program would be a good fit for your family! Have you ever tried Hello Fresh? If so, drop your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. I’m a T1Diabetic (37+ years) and my husband is a junk food junkie. After a few weeks of Hello Fresh, I’m enjoying not arguing about “what’s for dinner?”. We are both eating a few more fruits & veggies and I love being able to easily count carbs for each meal. Less salt would be good.

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